SUSTAINABILITY. A word that invokes thoughts of longevity, continuance, reliability.  We at B&L Pipeco Services recognize the value of sustainability for our stakeholders, for our customers and most importantly the employees that we embrace as our “WORK FAMILY”. We understand in an everchanging world that building a company that is truly sustainable often requires change.

The world is in another age of considerable transformation and how we continue to sustain ourselves, our families, our community, and our company has also changed. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to rethink the way we work. Advancements in technology and increased global energy demand has forced us to rethink how we conserve. The social upheavals of the summer of 2020 and beyond have forced us to rethink how we treat each other as human beings. Now is the time to reflect on the recent past and recognize that as our world changes, we must be prepared to adapt in order to offer true sustainability.

We accept that as a company we have some growing to do. We understand the dangers of the status quo and the importance of building a company that will evolve to meet the needs of our stakeholders, our customers, our community and our employees. With the creation of our ESG Steering Committee and Subcommittees, our employees are fully engaged and organized to tackle Environmental, Social, and Governance concerns. We are fully committed to building ESG solutions that will not only make our company stronger but will also make us better stewards to our community and to the environment.

At B&L Pipeco Services we believe that changes are not permanent, but change is, and this conviction coupled with our core values will guide and remind us that true sustainability comes from our employees ability and desire to change.

CEO & President


We will be a sustainable upstream energy service organization focused on increasing stakeholder value and expanding our company culture to emphasize ethical business solutions, social awareness, and addressing environmental concerns.

Our Reporting

BLPS is committed to a long-term strategy to achieve a sustainable supply chain benefiting the environment and society on a global level. We choose to self-disclose our Sustainability reporting.