B&L Pipeco Services plans our inventory based on the needs of our customers.

Our transparent relationships with our customers and mills allow us to purchase material based on their particular needs for all drilling and workover forecasts. BLPS maintains a safety stock that allows for changes in string design, increase in demand, and other issues that can affect the supply chain.

B&L Pipeco Services’ commitment to our customers is to provide trust in our product offerings and service. Our customers have the confidence in us to manage their business in a multitude of ways.

Our full product offerings include:

  • Multiple Mill sources and Connections
  • Tubular Inventory Management
  • Net Well/Net String Billing
  • 24/7/365 availability/immediate response
  • Production Storage Tanks – “State of the Art” Manufacturing & Quality
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Reporting / Customer Portals
  • Accessories (float equipment, cementing equipment, centralizers, etc.)
B&L Pipeco Services is continually offering more services and innovative ideas to serve our customers.