Partnering with a select group of fully integrated mills to optimize range, quality, and cost for continuous development over time.

BLPS has established long standing relationships with a multitude of Tier 1 steel pipe manufacturers, which provide our customers with numerous options versus being handcuffed to a single source. While the “new” mill-direct model may seem cutting-edge at face value, the reality is that alternatives, cost leverage, support, and accountability are all sacrificed. As the leading OCTG distributor, B&L Pipeco Services continues to provide individualized solutions for each of our customers – from logistical collaboration to customized inventories protected by safety stock.


Mill Representation:

Licensed and Fully Authorized Distributor for the following mills:

Voest-Alpine – Representation since 1984
  • Offers SMLS Products in sizes 2 3/8” to 7 5/8”
  • Grades include (but not limited to) J55, N/L80, P110, Q125, T95, C110, RY, CY, and HC grades
Vallourec – Representation since 1988
  • Offers SMLS production from 1” – 26”
  • Grades include (but not limited to) J55, K55 N/L80, P110, Q125, T95, C110, RY, CY, and HC grades and proprietary
U.S. Steel Tubular Products – Representation since 1988
  • Offers ERW and SMLS Products in sizes 4 ½” – 20”
  • Grades include (but not limited to) J55, K55 N/L80, P110, Q125, T95, C110, RY, CY
Welded Tube of Canada
  • Offers 4 ½” – 9 5/8”
  • Grades include H40, J55, N80Q, L80, HCL80, P110 and HCP110
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal – Representation since 2009
  • Offers SMLS Products in sizes 1” to 16”
  • Grades from API J55 all the way to Nickel Alloy (exe. SM2242)
Borusan Mannesmann
  • Offers ERW Products in sizes 2 3/8” – 13 3/8”
  • Grades include J55, K55, N/L80, P110, RY, CY, HP and HC grades
SEAH Steel America – Representation since 2014
  • Offers ERW 1″ – 24″
  • Grades include 1% Chrome, J55, JFBNAU, L80/L80HC, SeAH80HC, SeAH90HC, P110/P110HC
Benteler – Representation since 2016
  • Seamless  1” – 5.5”
  • Up to 6.300” from Dinslaken
  • Drill Pipe, Casing, Tubing, Coupling Stock (also line pipe)
  • API and Sour Service (P110MS and T95 from Dinslaken)
  • Offers ERW 2 3/8″ – 16″ and Seamless Casing 7” – 9 5/8”
  • Grades include API 5CT H40, J55, L80, N80 and P110; and proprietary E80
  • Seamless Grades include API 5CT K55, HC-K55, HC-L80, HC-P110, HC-Q125, ENA 110-MS, ENA P110-HCI