B&L Pipeco Services ESG Scavenger Hunt Luncheon

We have been putting together our ESG program for a while now and one of our goals was increasing company involvement and education. We have tasked our sub committees to come up with company wide events throughout the year to spark the conversation about sustainability and they have delivered!

Yesterday we had our first company ESG event, the ESG Scavenger Hunt Luncheon. Our Governance Team organized a fun filled day with a competitive scavenger hunt, delicious food and prizes!

Event Flyer Featuring Jesse Dickens, Wayne Cox, Gene Hunt and Mike Cunico
BLPS Governance Team (Dan Roberts, Johnson Sutherland, Taylor Rodano, Heath Konesheck and John Tomaselli)

We started off by splitting up into our teams, received a quick rundown of the rules, then it was game on. While sprinting all over our building we had to capture a picture of all the items on our list then race back to the judges table to solve a riddle. Team 3 was the overall champion winning $100 Visa gift card, Team 9 coming in a close second receiving recycled Gil T-shirts and Team 6 finishing in third place receiving a $50 Visa gift card.

We wrapped up with a delicious lunch by the local restaurant Martha’s Mexican Restaurant, where we just got to relax and catch up with our work family.

Scavenger Hunt Finds
Scavenger Hunt Finds

The day was filled with team bonding, laughing, and learning all about ESG. This was the first time in a long time our Houston office was able to get everyone together like this since COVID proving again just how wonderful this group really is. A very successful first ESG event out of many more to come, stay tuned to see what we have going on next!

BLPS Houston Office