Providing you with the lowest total cost of ownership while improving operational efficiency.

Because efficient operations depend on accurate, traceable inventory, B&L Pipeco Services supplies a complete range of asset management services. Our individualized solutions, personalized service, and proactive troubleshooting help our customers maintain peak operating performance and high rates of asset utilization.

Rig-return Management

We are converting return headaches into profits while helping customers make their operations more efficient. B&L Pipeco Services understands the need for flexibility in the OCTG market. We accept returns on Pipe and Accessories with credit given on all prime and unused material. All returns are taken back to our core yard where a return inspection is performed. In order to make our customers’ operations more cost-effective, we also provide credit on returned new pipe, less inspection, repair, and freight. Following a tradition to provide unmatched service and support, BLPS goes above and beyond rig-return management to unburden our customers of excess storage charges. We willingly take non-conforming products off their hands, even if it was not originally sold by BLPS. We issue credits or purchase at scrap value and find other uses for the remaining materials, removing the pain for our customers.

Advanced Inventory Management Systems

Designed specifically for the Oil & Gas Industry, B&L Pipeco Services’ advanced inventory management system allows us to track and trace product from point of manufacturing to the well site and back to storage facility. Our innovative web-based system allows us to manage all assets to maximize inventory turnover. For customer owned inventory BLPS makes it easy to maintain a reliable account of your assets and operate at optimal efficiency with accurate and detailed inventory levels, access to shipping and receiving manifests, pipe tracking, historical information, and more. Features:
  • Forecast
  • Demand Planning
  • Quotations
  • Purchasing
  • Material Transfer, Fabrication, Inspection, Processing and Threading.
  • Sales Orders and Invoicing
  • Real time inventory, inventory analysis and reporting
  • Consumption History
  • Online data warehouse and information store custom designed for our customers

Direct-to-rig Shipping

BLPS handles all transportation to the rig site, relieving the customer of the responsibility of getting their material to the rig on time. We provide complete handling, transportation, and processing services to your drill site.

Staging and Full Service Yards

We have multiple strategic locations across the United States to provide our customers with convenient access to their materials.

Inventory Turn Management

We collaborate with both end users and the mills to create an environment of partnership. B&L Pipeco Services has the capability to help generate forecast and evaluate your company owned inventory to help you monetize it. We believe in providing trust through transparency.

Inventory Consignment

B&L Pipeco Services is a fully owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas. Our financial stability allows us to carry as much inventory as needed to handle any program. Based on the items and structure of the program, BLPS strives to keep 60 days of inventory on the ground for program accounts.

Technical/Inspection Support

By partnering with our network of experts BLPS can coordinate all requirements from our customers. Including, but not limited to:
  • Field Techs
  • Casing and inspection crews
  • Running Services
B&L Pipeco Services relieves our customers of the financial burden of carrying inventory on their books. As a trusted partner in all aspects of drilling and upstream services, our established network of experts creates end-to-end inventory management solutions to ensure the integrity and reliability of your assets.